Who Are We?

We are Craft Lighting, a small business that came about after two guys looked at a business they had acquired and wondered where we could take it? In a short amount of time they made choices, mistakes and even got lucky but from all that Craft Lighting was created and has now grown into its own name and it's own identity.

A local business that started with simple LED Battens and Highbays then stumbled into the delicate and intriguing world of crafts and saw that people had these amazing projects and ideas but a common theme popped up, poor lighting. On the road, in town halls or there very own crafting sheds, the lighting made a big difference and by working with people in various fields we have now grown our company and our range.

We strive for offering exactly what people need, with a competitive price but no sacrifice to quality or drop in customer service, we strive to be different and stand out with our personalities and work ethic.

So I'll leave you with our favorite saying, have a look at our products, give us a try and see if we can brighten up your day.